At Dynavision we're always on top of new technology and functionality offered by Business Central. With the release 23.0.0 of Dynavision Trade we use the new barcode scanning button in the mobile client.
With this first release of the year we updated the minimal version of BC23.1 (and 23.2 for Advanced Finance BE). This way we can use the latest functionality introduced by Microsoft, such as the new barcode scanning button. Check the blogpost about our new Dynavision Mobile Scan Resuisition Lines.
Effortlessly import multiple (complex) supplier Excel files to create or update items and prices in Business Central automatically with the Advanced Item & Price import app, focused on wholesale & distribution.
In this release we added new functionality to our Advanced Pricing & Discounts App: Sales Margin Calculations. This enables users to get instant info on Sales Margins. As always, this is fully configurable. Beside this highlight, there are many more new functions and a new Drag&Drop App in this release, check the release notes below. Note from the team: this was our last release for 2023. Season's greetings and see you in 2024! 🎉
In this release we added a status field for the Report Layout Setup. This enables users to get a quick overview and configuration of the linked report selections. Additionally, this list page is also a perfect match with the new analyze view of BC23. This is only one small example of the new features, check the release notes for more exciting functionalities.
More than 50 Business Central professionals took part in the Dynavision survey. The survey focused on the current challenges Microsoft partners are facing, and how they look at the future.
Over 100 Dynamics & Star Wars enthusiasts entered the Dynavision contest, held at Directions EMEA 2023. The main prize was the coveted Razor Crest LEGO set, as seen in the Star Wars show: The Mandalorian. Of course, there can only be one winner. Find out if you're the lucky winner by scrolling down. 🥁 Drum roll 🥁...
New release of some Dynavision Apps. Highlight of this release is an important extension of the CODA functionalities in Advanced Finance BE - our app for Belgian Finance functionality. These improvements cover: management of the CODA process and optimizations for the automatic matching. More details of the release in the release notes.
Dynavision was invited at the Microsoft x Companial AIM event to introduce Belgian BC-partners to its' innovative Business Central app ecosystem, helping them embrace the cloud.