Demo: Advanced Item & Price Import

Discover the Advanced Item & Price Import app for distributors, wholesales & retailers through this explainer video brought to you by the Dynavision product owner.

Discover the Dynavision Advanced Item & Price import app, focused on wholesalers & distributors who are struggling to keep their article information and prices up to date. In the demovideo below the Dynavision productowner guides you through the powerful features of this app.

There’s no need to ask your vendors to provide data in a custom format (e.g. to use RapidStart), neither to do in-between file conversion / data mapping / transformation using external tools or to setup complex Data Exchange Definitions. Easily import Item catalogs, vendor price lists, … in the original format received from your suppliers.

The Dynavision Advanced Item & Price import app allows you to import Excel or csv files containing item or (purchase) price information immediately into Business Central without the need to manipulate the source file. The app supports a wide variety of Excel files, including support for (a mix of) : single header, multiple worksheets, multiple headers, multiple groups, multiple details  and more.

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