Release 24.0.0 – Friday 5th of July

Minimum BC version for all apps updated to 24.0

Release notes:


        • New: “Update Document API” to calculate related data on sales/purchase documents
        • New: support for multiple file upload in Message Framework
        • New: TestConnection on Auth Setup Table set public
        • New: Reset action Authentication Setup
        • New: support for Azure File System
        • Optimization: performance on item ledger entries page
        • Optimization: refactor password management for FTP setup
        • Fix: filter in FTP request

        Report Layouts

        • New: interest information on reminder lines

        Advanced Finance WW

        • New: Add PDF of Service Invoices to email of reminders

        Advanced Finance BE

        • New: add CODA file as attachment to CODA statement
        • New: Account name on CODA Statement line
        • Fix: Mollie CODA – validation of IBAN number
        • Fix: skip empty CODA Matching Rule
        • Fix: extract first OMG from statement message when OMG is mentioned twice
        • Optimization: Bank Account Setup for LCY accounts

        Purchase and Procurement Center

        • Optimization: block direct invoicing of PPC Sales Order

          Contributions and Declarations

          • New: Posted Sales/Purchase Contributions Page and API for reporting
          • New: OnAfterSetDefaultQuantity function added

          Advanced Units

          • Optimization: open calculator when entering sales line over description field
          • Fix: validation of Qty fields in relation to order modifiers

          Advanced Promotions

          • New: “Update Document” support (Core/Connect)
          • Fix: multiple basic promotions in combination with different UoM

          Planning and Dispatch

          • New: integration of Reservation Worksheet with outbound warehouse lines
          • New: enhancements to the outbound request lines

          Rental and Consumption

          • Fix: event from sales quote, don’t insert reusable packaging


          • New: email-body layout depending on language
          • New: Item Attribute Page for analyze view
          • New: destination description on warehouse shipment lines
          • New: auto select Blanket Purchase Order on requisition worksheet
          • New: “Update Document” support (Core/Connect)
          • Optimization: pop-up comment in combination with document template

          Excise Duties

          • New: Excise information on Requisition / Planning worksheet

          Reusable Packaging

          • Optimization: combine reusable packaging on NPR for combi items
          • Optimization: refactor password management for empties POS
          • New: option to add legal form to customer name

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