Dynavision Layouts

Dynavision Layouts

Easily create custom layouts for documents like purchase orders and sales orders without coding. Customize your brand’s identity and streamline document creation with Dynavision Layouts in Business Central.

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Get more control with configurable document layouts.

If you want more control over the layout of documents and reports such as invoices, credit memos etc then this Dynavision extension might help you out.

This fixed grid-system allows you to choose which information is displayed in which columns of the grid and how this info is marked up.

It also gives you the option to insert variables and text constants.

This means you can show any data from within Microsoft Dynamics 365: Business Central and even add extra fields.

Document parameterization

Our feature revolutionizes the way you create layouts for your documents. Say goodbye to complex customizations – with parameterization, you can effortlessly design stunning layouts tailored to your brand without the need for any coding or manual adjustments.

Edit header fields

Effortlessly adjust the header fields on your documents. Tailor your headers to showcase essential information, include your company logo, and align with your brand identity. With simple and intuitive controls, you can personalize document headers without any hassle.

Edit addresses

Elevate your document presentation with our feature, enabling you to effortlessly adjust address fields. Tailor the address layout to your preferences, include essential details, and align with your brand’s style.

Edit report colors

Add a touch of visual flair to your documents with ease. Effortlessly adjust the colors of lines, borders, and separators, tailoring them to match your brand’s identity.

Text constants

Simplify managing commonly used terms across multiple documents with this feature, making it effortless to define and handle text constants for enhanced efficiency and consistency.

Attribute printing set

Effortlessly add labels, that are used elsewhere in your business central environment (like biolabels), to your documents.

Add/delete fields

Simplify your document editing process with our checkbox-based feature. Effortlessly select and control which fields to add or remove from your documents, giving you full control over the content you need, without any hassle.


Easily add comment fields to your documents.


Experience the power of our preview feature, enabling you to watch real-time previews of your configured documents. See changes come to life as you customize, ensuring a perfect outcome every time, with ease and confidence.

Configurable report lines

Simplify the configuration of the contents of the report layouts, using the configurable report lines.
Determine the fields, the order of the fields and format of the to print information in the report body.

Edit in Excel

Quickly edit information for multiple report layouts, using Excel.

Dynavision Layouts in action


Dynavision Layouts Manual

Download the most recent version of the manual using following link.

Get Started Manual

Find information for getting started with the Dynavision applications by choosing following link.

Frequently asked questions

Can I install a free trial?

Yes, you can install a free trial of all Dynavision apps via Microsoft AppSource. Simply go to the app page, and click on the button “free trial”. You will be able to use the app for 28 days, when this period is over the app will be disables.

The app pricing is available upon request, you can contact sales through the contact form via following link: contact us.

On-prem installation is available upon request, depending on the NAV/BC version you are using. As we are a SaaS focused ISV we might have to make adaptations to the app in order to make it available for on-prem use.

At the moment we support Dutch, English and French for most of our apps. Adding translations to your native language is available upon request. Contact sales to discuss the possibilities through our contact form via following link: contact us.

The Dynavision apps are available in every country that is supported by Microsoft, with the exception of a few Finance apps that focus on local legislation: Advanced Finance BE, Companyweb Financial Services, POM payments app & Dynavision Graydon.