Release 23.0.6 – Friday 22nd March

Our newest release has some nice features, such as:

  • extended functionality for the recurring sales lines
  • contributions can now also be weight
  • additional configurable report layouts

Release notes:


  • New: value mapping in message framework, and partner code in receiving company
  • New: Storage Type Functions set to public


  • New: recurring sales lines, extended the existing functionality for easy management of allowed/blocked sales
  • Optimization: tooltip

Contributions and declarations

  • New: extended Qty Calculation (weight and volume based calculation)
  • New: Sales/Purchase contribution pages searchable

Report Layouts

  • New: additional reports (posted Purchase Receipt, posted Transfer Order Shipment and posted Transfer Order Receipt)


  • Fix: error when creating records with templates

Advanced Finance WW

  • Technical release

Advanced Finance BE

  • Optimization: VAT Unit (factbox and checks improved)

Advanced Sync

  • Optimization: time in sync management

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