Release 23.0.5 – Friday 15th March

Our newest release has some nice features, such as:

  • Overrule the Bill-To price with the “price from”
  • CC and BCC for email scenario’s
  • Dimensions on the VAT Restriction code

Release notes:


  • Optimization: Price Simulation API with VAT parameters


  • New: CC and BCC email addresses linked to email scenario’s
  • New: correct negative inventory with item journal
  • Fix: scan requisition lines, location was not applied

Advanced Pricing & Discounts

  • New: price from allows to overrule the bill-to with the sell-to
  • New: renumber price list lines (management of price list lines)

Report Layouts

  • Optimization: service documents – grouped documents
  • Optimization: inventory pick from transfer orders, printing addresses
  • Fix: addresses on warehouse documents

Excise Duties

  • New: e-AD expanded for “Emergency procedure”

Advanced Finance WW

  • New: Purchase Payment Discount, preset the VAT Base Discount % per vendor

Advanced Finance BE

  • New: dimension can be set on VAT Restriction Code
  • Optimization: validation of Enterprise/VAT Number with prefix

Advanced Sync

  • New: set functions public (technical change)

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