Release 23.0.8 – Tuesday 9th April

With this release we introduce an advanced item search in Dynavision Trade. Flexible search function using the description field on documents.

Release notes:


  • New: expiration date with notification on secrets
  • New: Refresh Function in Storage Type Management set to public
  • New: enhancements on message type for API communications
  • Optimization: get Printnode printers


  • New: advanced item search by description
  • Optimization: Items To Delete page
  • Several improvements on combi items:
    • Standard Qty = 1
    • Default for reusable packaging from BOM
    • Item Reference on BOM lines
    • New field for setting sales price inclusive Reusable Packaging

Report Layouts

  • New: location on line definitions
  • New: additional public function for addition tracking information on warehouse documents
  • Fix: addresses on posted warehouse documents
  • Fix: print shelf no
  • Fix: VAT summary for reports with partial shipment/receipt


  • New: Auto Refresh functionality configurable per Document Structure

    Reusable Packaging

    • Technical changes for other Apps (Trade)

    Advanced Pricing & Discounts

    • Optimization: table relation “price from” on documents

    Rental & Consumption

    • Fix: Event Transfer Order – Total Reusable packaging not printed

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