Release 23.0.3 – Thursday 29th February

The extra day of the leap year is a good opportunity to release 20.0.3 of all our Apps, details in the release notes below.

Release notes:

All Apps

  • New permission Set “Dynavision Read”


  • New: event subscriber for Document structure Line
  • Optimization: available on line header default visible in text constant
  • Fix: export line definition

Report Layouts

  • New: excise on warehouse shipment layouts
  • Fix: quantity on line definitions 

Report Trade

  • New: overrule pop-up on specific actions (combine shipments, create POS closing invoice, creation of Event Invoice, API pages to create documents)
  • New: display list of pop-up comments after creating invoices with (advanced) combine shipment
  • New: export/import of Dynamic Fields (translations not exported – due to technical limitations) 

Drag & Drop

  • New: set function “SetSource” public

NPR Connector

  • New: action create Combi Item for button setup (Trade functionality)
  • New: overrule location when creating Combi Item
  • Optimization: fix warnings and use new Event Subscribers

Excise Duties

  • Fix: empty report layouts


  • Optimization: sync of options/enums with different languages

Planning & Dispatch

  • New: open/active picks on warehouse shipment and trip lines
  • New: partial shipped warehouse shipment, create new transport lines when setting new shipping date, allowing to replan

Advanced Item & Price Import

  • New: transformation rules on calculated field
  • New: Validation Rules for data
  • Optimization: ‘key field’ on constant no longer possible

Advanced Finance BE

  • Optimization: refactoring of wizard – improved linking of bank accounts
  • Fix: import +100 bank accounts (implemented offset in API call)

Elfsquad Connector

  • New: support for custom status
  • Optimization: extend quotation buffer fields for to avoid overflows

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