Release 23.0.0 – 18th January 2024

With this first release of the year we updated the minimal version of BC23.1 (and 23.2 for Advanced Finance BE). This way we can use the latest functionality introduced by Microsoft, such as the new barcode scanning button. Check the blogpost about our new Dynavision Mobile Scan Resuisition Lines.

Complete list of release notes:


  • New: new Rich Text Editor for composing email body on message type
  • New: Location address added to text block (for layouts)
  • New: API for sales price simulations
  • New: payment method on Purchase Header
  • Optimization: add document structure action
  • Optimization: active field on the license lines
  • Optimization: added Tenant Media List in Run Object
  • Optimization: additional telemetry signals

Report Layouts

  • New: payment method on purchase header
  • Optimization: position of currency symbol
  • Optimization: don’t print : if no text constant value is available
  • Optimization: vertical start position of first line
  • Fix: several fixes for printing VAT information
  • Fix: line when first line of table skipped
  • Fix: recalculated discount on purchase documents
  • Fix: line sorting on warehouse documents

Advanced Pricing and Discounts

  • Optimization: performance improvements for price simulations (also used by other apps)
  • Fix: price margin field when using item template

Planning and Dispatch

  • Optimization: added Reversed Stock Only (new standard BC functionality) to the Create Whse. Shipment Report

Advanced Finance WW

  • Removed: logic for document and posting date (new functionality available in standard BC)

Advanced Finance BE

  • New: powershell script available as download, to automate the creation of the certificate for Isabel Connect / Ibanity
  • New: search for duplicates based on the Enterprise Number for new contacts, customers and vendors
  • Optimization: optimization in processing CODA matching rules, with application of vendor/customer ledger entries
  • Removed: several features from Dynavision feature management (functionalities now standard)
  • Fix: factbox on VAT Statement Preview for companies without read permissions


  • New: Scan Requisition Lines on mobile client
  • New: assign Attribute(s) and value(s) on selected items (item list page)
  • New: Flow Trx setting for default behavior
  • New: create Backorder on line selection
  • Optimization: uncomplete setup of Dynamic Fields causing error on page

Cloud POS Light

  • New: use Voucher & Gift Card on sales order and invoice for payment
  • Optimization: visualization of categories and items
  • Optimization: retrieving the Terminal Printer
  • Optimization: ticket with empty order date on closing
  • Contributions and Declarations
  • Optimization: optimized communication with other Dynavision Apps

Advanced Units

  • Optimization: invoicing unit updating reusable packaging on Purchase Return Order
  • Reusable Packaging
  • Optimization: technical optimizations for combine shipments


  • New: support for merging contacts, customers and vendors
  • Fix: tooltip typo

Advanced Sync

  • New: warning when using merge function for contacts, customers and vendors
  • Fix: tooltips typo’s

NPR Connector

  • Refactoring due to obsoleted events
  • New: setting for reusable packaging (due to refactoring)

Elfsquad Connector

  • New: import Quotations Remarks
  • New: publisher to modify Sales Line creation
  • Fix: change of synchronization setup
  • Fix: ship-to code on Sales Quote

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