Dynavision Mobile Scan Requisition Lines

At Dynavision we're always on top of new technology and functionality offered by Business Central. With the release 23.0.0 of Dynavision Trade we use the new barcode scanning button in the mobile client.

The new functionality can be used to manually create requisition worksheet lines.
E.g. in a point of sale or in a service vehicle to manually request a replenishment.

In the demo video you can see how the user:

  • opens the Scan Requisition Lines page on the mobile client
  • uses the new scan field from Business Central 23.x for scanning barcodes
  • enters additional info (Qty, changing the Unit of Measure) and confirms the data entry
  • at any time a list of scanned entries can be opened to verify, edit, delet entries
  • when finished scanning, the scanned entries can be submitted to the desired requisition batch (user defined default is preselected)
  • if not submitted, the process can be continued on a later moment

the recording was made on an Android phone with the actual Mobile client for Business Central, the speed of the recording is real time (so the latency – or lack of – is excellent!)

Check the manual in the download section of the Dynavision Trade app for the easy and flexible setup of this functionality.

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