Release 23.0.12 – Tuesday 28th of May

Some new functionality and fixes in this release.

Release notes:


  • New: Process a selection of messages
  • Fix: Print field data in text constant

Advanced Finance BE

  • New: CODA – Import Mollie payment files
  • Optimization: CODA – Process thousands amounts with point decimal formatting

Advanced Pricing & Discounts

  • Optimization: Validation of discount value updates totals of document
  • Optimization: Price calculation – skip blocked items option
  • Optimization: Validation of invoicing quantity fetches discount value from price list
  • Fix: Transfer discount value/amount when using action get receipt/shipment lines
  • Fix: Discount calculation when processing PPC messages


  • New: Periodic recurring sales documents from sales blanket order
  • New: Minimum order amount of vendor on planning worksheet
  • New: Phys. recording – take over expected qty
  • New: Make apply template available on all sales/purchase documents
  • Optimization: show popup on validation of item description on documents

Advanced Promotions

  • New: Promotion based on commercial Unit of Measure
  • New: Disable instant promotion and calculate using Check for Promotions option
  • Optimization: Add price on free item line with 100% discount

Advanced Item & Price Import

  • New: Import sales prices using price worksheet


  • Fix: Error when deleting entries to sync

Apps with technical Update

  • Advanced Units
  • Cloud POS Light

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