Release 23.0.11 – Friday 3rd May

Some new functionality and fixes in this release.

Release notes:


  • New: Export/Import of text blocks and Text Constant
  • Optimization: message framework for cross tenant exchange
  • Optimization: Web Request framework
  • Related: prepare update Azure functions (eg FTP functions)

Advanced Finance BE

  • Optimization: CODA – truncate double structured messages
  • Fix: OSS declaration, XML tag

Advanced Pricing & Discounts

  • New: variable on request page for Print Shop Labels
  • Optimization: setup record at install
  • Optimization: Margin calculation on temp sales lines

Advanced Units

  • Fix: order multiple in combination with invoicing units

POS Cloud Light

  • New: returned Reusable Packaging, get from document

Elfsquad Connector

  • New: OnAfterInsertSalesLine subscriber

Exicse Duties

  • Optimization: validation for calculating

Planning & Dispatch

  • New: insert Free Pickup lines on transport trip
  • New: Vendor/Customer Name on Warehouse Request Lines

Rental & Consumption

  • New: free split of Reusable Packaging on return
  • Optimization: display of the modified shipping address
  • Optimization: keep event BIN on transfer order when toggle Direct Transfer

Report Layouts

  • New: Service Invoice, support payments methods
  • Optimization: shipment document (print prices and contributions)
  • Fix: VAT Clause not translated on service invoice

Reusable Pacakaging

  • New: return Reusable Packaging on Document, new function – Get From Document
  • Optimization: inventory journal, warning if no linked Reusable Packaging on 1 of the UoM’s
  • Optimization: remap Reusable Packaging on transfer order when toggle Direct Transfer


  • Optimization: lookup on Field No


  • New: multi-payment functionality on Service Documents
  • New: advanced item search by reference
  • New: vendor name on source documents
  • New: subscriber for UpdateMinimumOrderAmount
  • Fix: Combi Item, price for Resource on BOM line


  • Optimization: include permission set in D365 FULL Access

Apps with technical Update

  • Advanced Finance WW
  • Advanced Sync
  • Advanced Promotions

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