Release 22.0.9 – Thursday 7th December

In this release we added new functionality to our Advanced Pricing & Discounts App: Sales Margin Calculations. This enables users to get instant info on Sales Margins. As always, this is fully configurable. Beside this highlight, there are many more new functions and a new Drag&Drop App in this release, check the release notes below. Note from the team: this was our last release for 2023. Season's greetings and see you in 2024! 🎉

All apps

  • Technical internal change

Dynavision Drag & Drop


  • New: support for new Sales Margin Calculations
  • Optimization: add Report ID to Data Link Framework
  • Optimization: retrieval of Access Token


  • New: Physical Inventory Order with Item Tracking on recording
  • Optimization: user experience for setup of Advanced Combine Shipment Text
  • Fix: low inventory message with Assembly-to-Order with preset Qty = 1

Excise Duties

  • New: logic for “To Declare” and “To Reclaim” on the Excise Ledger Entries when posting item (reclassification) journal

Reusable Packaging

  • New: process old unused Empties Tickets
  • New: delete old posted Empties Tickets
  • Optimization: combine shipments, remapping of lines
  • Fix: line amount on Reusable Packaging POS

Report Layouts

  • Optimization: setting on item attributes for printing
  • Optimization: payment discounts on unposted sales documents
  • Optimization: formatting of text constant numbers
  • Fix: print discount of 100%
  • Fix: total of reusable packaging on posted warehouse shipment
  • Fix: empty header fields

Advanced Finance WW

  • Optimization: get default data

Advanced Finance BE

  • New: XML export for OSS statement
  • Optimization: improved matching for SEPA Direct Debit

Advanced Pricing and Discounts

  • New: formula based sales margin calculation with loopback to Advance Price Calculations

Purchase and Procurement Center

  • New: added “Attached line” field to the sync of documents

Contributions and Declarations

  • Optimization: combine shipments, remapping of lines

Advanced Units

  • New: added advanced units to Requisition and Planning Worksheet

Advanced Promotions

  • Optimization: review of promotion template metadata

Planning & Dispatch

  • Fix: delete warehouse receipts from transport trip

Cloud POS Light

  • Optimization: Quick Action captions changed to make tile clickable (temporary fix until BC fix will be available)
  • Optimization: creation of TOMRA setup record
  • Fix: posting closing invoice with item charges (from promotions)

Elfsquad Connector

  • New: added functionality for delivery/shipping addresses
  • New: added OnAfterCreateSalesQuote Event for customizations

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