Release 22.0.8 – Friday 17th November

In this release we added a status field for the Report Layout Setup. This enables users to get a quick overview and configuration of the linked report selections. Additionally, this list page is also a perfect match with the new analyze view of BC23. This is only one small example of the new features, check the release notes for more exciting functionalities.
Report Layout Setup in new analyze view


  • New: Recurrence Schedule Framework
  • Optimization: added customer number to text block selection
  • Several little optimizations and fixes

Advanced Finance WW

  • New: general journal, flow for posting the remaining amounts

Advanced Finance BE

  • New: VIES validation for “enterprise no”
  • Optimization: monitor expiration date certificate
  • Optimization: several small optimizations for CODA
  • Fix: sync contact data to vendor/customer

Advanced Pricing & Discounts

  • New: additional options on Sales Price List

Advanced Units

  • New: commercial units on purchase layouts
  • Optimization: validation of assembly too order with commercial units
  • Fix: negative invoicing amount with commercial unit

Contributions & Declarations

  • Optimization: get lines functionality for invoices

Elfsquad Connector

  • New: Elfsquad Price Field on Production BOM
  • New: Customer associated features – export to Elfsquad
  • New: import quotation properties from elfsquad
  • New: import discount lines from Elfsquad
  • New: publisher extend post-processor behavior
  • Optimization: Elfsquad item identifier extended to 255 characters

NPR Connector

  • New: support for reusable packaging type = Free

Planning & Dispatch

  • New: usage of recurrence schedules for order and delivery days
  • New: added order and delivery days to shipping address
  • New: additional transport information on documents (e.g. slotnumber, information about delivery time slot, ….)
  • New: create return order from Transport Trip
  • New: shipping agent and service linked to Postal Code
  • Optimization: customer order worksheet, rename field
  • Optimization: several small optimizations

Rental & Consumption

  • Optimization: refactor the deposit usage on invoice

Report Layouts

  • New: report layout setup with status of report selection
  • New: edit in excel on the report layout setup list page
  • Optimization: header lines when empty header fields
  • Optimization: several small fixes on layouts
  • Fix: comment lines on posted sales shipment


  • New: inventory per Sales/Purchase UoM on item list
  • Fix: template lines on Vendor / Customer templates

Reusable Packaging

  • Fix: total return value of reusable packaging

Advanced Sync

  • New: publisher extend post-processor behavior

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