Demo: Advanced Pricing & Discounts for Business Central

Discover the Advanced Pricing & Discounts app for distributors, wholesalers & retailers through this explainer video brought to you by the Dynavision product owner.
Demo Advanced Pricing & Discounts app for Business Central.

Are you a consultant or key user that wants to improve the current pricing experience in Business Central? Then this is a must watch demo for you! This demo gives you a clear overview of the Advanced Pricing & Discounts app for Business Central that helps distributors, wholesalers, retailers and many more implement their preferred pricing strategy.

The Dynavision product owner explains follow features of the Advanced Pricing & Discounts app:
✅ Set hierarchical pricing, allowing you to decide which of the available pricing types (customer price group, customer specific, …) should be used in your sales processes.
✅ Extra discount types such as a fixed amount, a fixed amount per quantity and composed discounts (2% + 3% + 2%).
✅ Advanced salesprice calculations: start with your purchasing price and create custom formulas for products, units, customers & pricelists.
✅ Fixed margin field that allows you to make sure that you always get the correct margins on your sales.
✅ Tools to improve pricelist management.
✅ Currency and unit of measure conversion, rounding options, and many more!

Try out the 28 day free trial of the Advanced Pricing & Discounts app for Business Central on the Microsoft Appsource. The app is available worldwide in English, French & Dutch.

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