Dynavision Advanced Finance BE

Dynavision Advanced
finance BE

Say goodbye to time-consuming finance tasks. Dynavision Advanced Finance is a built-in and feature-rich solution for  Business Central. It automates repetitive finance processes and empoweres your finance team.

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Optimize your finances fast and increase productivity by reducing administrative burdens.
Say “Goodbye” to time consuming finance tasks and take charge of your finances today. Dynavision Advanced Finance is a built-in, feature rich solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, designed to help your finance team succeed by automating repetitive finance processes.

Help automate your core finance functions, and reap the rewards
The range of core financial tasks – such as invoicing and debtor management – can now be automated. This not only reduces the risk of delays and inaccuracies; it also frees your team to do more useful stuff.

You hired your finance team because of their intelligence, insight and expertise – don’t waste a single minute of their time with outdated finance processes. Up their game today with this easy to implement extension, ensuring a quick start-up process – there are no integrations necessary.

The Belgian localization of Dynavision Advanced finance will also install the worldwide version of Dynavision Advanced finance.

Structured references for purchase, sales & service invoices

The ultimate solution for meticulous financial record-keeping. With this innovative tool, you can effortlessly add structured references to purchase, sales, and service invoices.

Isabel connect interface

This innovative feature empowers you to easily import bank statements and export payments through the Isabel Connect platform.


Invoice & payment link

Simply link payments to invoices, eliminating manual tracking for accurate financial records. Streamline the process for efficient matching.

CODA statement Processing

Enhance the CODA statement matching, using the additional matching rules. Easily archive the CODA statements and auto-process the statement files when they are imported in the system.

OSS declaration export

Generate the OSS declaration in Business Central and export the file in an XML format.

Dynavision Advanced Finance BE in action


Dynavision Advanced Finance Manual

Download the most recent version of the manual using following link.

Get Started Manual

Find information for getting started with the Dynavision applications by choosing following link.

Advanced Finance BE Extra documentation

Extra documentation for the setup of certain functionalities in Advanced Finance BE can be found by choosing following links.

Frequently asked questions

Can I install a free trial?

Yes, you can install a free trial of all Dynavision apps via Microsoft AppSource. Simply go to the app page, and click on the button “free trial”. You will be able to use the app for 28 days, when this period is over the app will be disables.

The app pricing is available upon request, you can contact sales through the contact form via following link: contact us.

On-prem installation is available upon request, depending on the NAV/BC version you are using. As we are a SaaS focused ISV we might have to make adaptations to the app in order to make it available for on-prem use.

At the moment we support Dutch, English and French for most of our apps. Adding translations to your native language is available upon request. Contact sales to discuss the possibilities through our contact form via following link: contact us.

The Dynavision apps are available in every country that is supported by Microsoft, with the exception of a few Finance apps that focus on local legislation: Advanced Finance BE, Companyweb Financial Services, POM payments app & Dynavision Graydon.